The Story

There was one person who knew Bobby Darin as well as Bobby Darin and that person was Steve Blauner. Along with being Bobby’s longtime manager, he was Vice President of Screen Gems Entertainment. At Screen Gems, Steve produced such iconic sitcoms as I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Monkees and was directly involved with the films The Last Picture Show and Easy Rider. As Bobby’s manager and friend he had a unique perspective on Bobby’s talents as a performer, actor, songwriter, musician, record producer and movie star. He met Bobby in 1958 when Bobby was an up and coming talent. Bobby had the keen sense to see Steve’s business skills. Bobby asked Steve to be his personal manager which Steve promptly turned down, citing his lack of entertainment knowledge at that time, but ultimately he agreed to manage Bobby. He stated that, “Bobby concentrated on the music and performing and I would manage the rest”. That’s just what he did until Bobby’s sad and untimely death in 1973. Steve continued managing the Bobby Darin Estate until his unfortunate passing in 2015.

Mack is just a Great Show!  

-John Fisher, Executive Director of The Shubert Performing Arts Center

I met Steve in 1999 as I was preparing to launch the initial theatrical project on Bobby Darin and was at a point that I needed certain approvals from The Bobby Darin Estate. Steve was extremely protective of Bobby’s name, image and music. If he didn’t believe in a project he would tell you point blank “NO.” Well somehow, after a couple of years of trust building, I got my “YES” from Steve Blauner and the musical entitled Mack The Knife…the life and music of Bobby Darin was alive. This musical performed across the country at theatres, casinos and a successful Off- Broadway run performing hundreds of performances for tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans.

I was lucky enough to play the roll of Bobby Darin for over 10 years in that production thanks to Steve and The Bobby Darin Estate. I’ll be forever grateful to Steve for allowing me this privilege to play one of the greatest entertainers to step onto a stage. Operating on only a handshake, as was Blauner’s way, Steve sent me off to pay homage to the man, the music, the incomparable Bobby Darin and it was a once in a life time thrill.

That thrill has led me to continue today as I move to new stages to bring Bobby Darin’s music back with this big band, symphonic pop tribute concert Mack is Back…The music of Bobby Darin to his loyal and devoted fans and introduce this entertainment legend to a brand new generation is my extreme privilege and pleasure.

I know your audiences will enjoy and appreciate the numerous musical hits of the legendary Bobby Darin.

Thank you and enjoy the Music!
Chaz Esposito

About Chaz Esposito

Chaz has toured extensively playing the role of Bobby Darin in the Off-Broadway production of Mack the Knife…the life and music of Bobby Darin. This unbelievable experience of performing hundreds of shows and concerts through the years uniquely qualifies Chaz as one of the quintessential singers of Darin songs.

Chaz’s performance deliver’s his unique blend of vocals accompanied by glorious orchestrations and guided by his expert entertaining abilities. As critic Seth Bisen-Hersh from NY states, “Chaz Esposito does a nice job emulating Darin’s style. There is much audience interaction, which Esposito excels in.”

Chaz entered the entertainment business over 30 years ago as a teenager performing his musical act in some of the last surviving nightclubs. These engagements brought him a plethora of performing skills that most up and coming entertainers today do not have the benefit of utilizing. Chaz’s abilities go beyond just singing, he can act too. He has been seen in national commercials, theatre and corporate videos across the country. Take a glimpse at his acting reel on this website and see him go from a raging gunman to a hilarious cream puff man.

In addition to performing Chaz established his production company, World Promotions, as the leading casting agency in Connecticut, casting national commercials, television and corporate industrials for some of the top 500 companies in America. While casting and continuing his performing schedule he produce numerous theatrical productions on the east coast including being one of the Off-Broadway producers for the musical production of Mack the Knife…the life and music of Bobby Darin.

Please sit back and enjoy Chaz singing the amazing songs of Bobby Darin in Mack Is Back!